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Free educational resources for core subjects.

Schools are closed but that doesn’t mean learning has to stop.

There has been an astounding response from various education providers offering free access to their content during the Covid-19 lockdown. 


While this is absolutely incredible to see and we could ask for nothing more , it can be overwhelming to decide which website/resources to use and what to focus on. 

Instead of trying to find content for every subject , why not focus on a few core subjects? This will undoubtedly reduce the stress levels in your home and allow you and your kids more time to do what you love. 

The most important subjects to keep in mind are English/Literacy and Mathematics. Use this time to set solid foundations in these two subjects and your child will be set for success in every other subject. 

Below is a list of the best , free to access websites that can help you teach English/Literacy and Mathematics to your children.

These websites are easy to navigate and offer exciting , stimulating , relevant content. 

Be sure to check out the links below and bookmark your favourite sites!


English/ Literacy


English/Literacy and Mathematics


Thank you so much for stopping by :) We hope this post has helped you help your kids in a meaningful way :)